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About Jill

Hi!  I’m Jill, owner and photographer at Jilly Bean Photography!  I’m glad you are here!HeadshotPin thisimage

Since you are at this site I’m going to assume we are a lot alike!  First of all, I’m quite certain that we both love our family and we both love photography!  I’m sure we both immensely value being daughters, wives, friends, sisters, aunts and moms…. and I’m sure we both would rather spend the afternoon frolicking in a park with our children than doing laundry. But, let me tell you how I’m different, not only from you but from most photographers out there!

First of all, photography is my first love but second career.  In my LBK {Life Before Kids} I was an elementary school teacher.  I taught both in the United States and abroad in South Korea and hold a Masters Degree in Educational Administration (yes, I actually thought I’d be your kids’ school principal!).  Then something happened.  I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who was my second love (after my husband of course!) and I couldn’t stop looking at him.  I was fortunate to be in a situation where I could stay at home with him and lavish myself in his love.  I had memorized every square inch of his precious face, chubby legs, and tiny fingers and toes.  I knew he was going to change quickly so I started taking photos, literally hundreds and thousands of photos (again, where I’m sure you and I are alike!).  Now these were not exactly professional photos in the least bit, but they were mine and I began to feel passionate about not only looking at the photos of my precious baby, but taking them.

Fast forward many years, after a move back to the US, a baby sister for my son and a holiday card I sent to my friends and family.  We had just returned from a month long trip to Alabama and Mexico and I put together a card of my children running in the surf at sunset, along with a portrait of each child.  Then my phone began to ring.  My friends and family members began telling me how much they enjoyed my card and one of my neighbors went so far as to ask me to take photos of HER kids!  That’s when Jilly Bean Photography was born!

Those children in my first shoot are now 6 years older and I’m that much more experienced and educated as a professional photographer.  If you are looking for a photographer who understands the dynamics of kids and families as well as photography, then look no further than Jilly Bean Photography.  I’ve photographed hundreds of newborns, children and families and am absolutely passionate about what I do.

In 2015 I received the Reader’s Choice Award in Franklin, Ma for Best Photographer, as well as the Regional Broze Award.

In July of 2015, after growing out of my home studio, I opened a gorgeous natural light photography studio located in the unique Medway Mill in Medway, MA.  Once you step into this gorgeous space you’ll know you are in for a beautiful photographic experience!

I’m honored that you’ve taken the time to read about me!  I can’t wait to learn more about you!



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