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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.  Why Jilly Bean Photography?

Jilly Bean Photography has been in business by owner Jill Kuykendall for over 7 years.  We are past our “growing pains” and just with any other profession, we continue to take workshops and classes to allow us to be at the forefront of current trends in photography.  We set ourselves apart with unparalleled service, rapport and superb image quality.  We pride ourselves on providing a service that goes beyond traditional “cookie cutter” studio photography; we help you every single step of the way which allows your photos to come out better than you could have ever imagined.  Our level of expertise begins with the use of only high end professional equipment, and extends into our years of experience in the field of photography. As a mother and former classroom teacher, Jill understands the dynamics of newborns, young children, families and high school seniors.

2.  Where are you located?

We are located at Suite 203A in the Medway Mill located at 165 Main Street, Medway MA.

2.  What is included with my session fee?

A Pre-Consultation, the Photo Session, and the Session Premiere are all included in your session fee, in this sequential order.  Please note that a lot of work happens outside of the photo shoot.  Preparing for your session by the gathering of photography equipment and props, as well as location scouting all happen the before your Photo Session.  After your Session all files are backed up and stored carefully two different ways.  Before your Session Premiere at least 40 images are individually hand-edited by Jill (no mass production here!).   A two- hour photography session typically turns into 10 hours of “behind the scenes” work all BEFORE your Session Premiere.  Premieres then typically take 1 1/2 hours.  Completing product orders, processing, and packaging all take additional time.  You are paying for much more than just the time spent with your photographer during your session.

3.  What type of payment do you collect?

Payment can be in the form of cash, check or credit card (excluding American Express).

4.  How far in advance should I book?

Photography is a very seasonal business.  During Peak Season (June-December) it is best to book at least 3 months prior to your session.  Non Peak Season please allow at least 1 month prior to your session in order to gather inspiration and to prepare accurately.

5.  What do I wear?

You will be given a Welcome Guide that goes over tips on what to wear as well as suggested locations.  By all means feel free to snap a photo of your outfits and email Jill!  She’ll give you advance expert advice on whether your selection will photograph well or not.

6.  What can I expect?

You can expect to have a blast!  Sessions are not meant to be stressful in any means!  Jill will work with you each and every step of the way.  You can expect a variety of images ranging from traditionally posed to candid.  In addition, you can expect consistent quality images that you’ve seen on the website.  Most importantly you can expect high quality Digital Portraits and products.  We pride ourselves in providing not only an extraordinary photo experience, but superior image quality and high end prints and products.

7.  When can I see my Digital Portraits?

Your Digital Portraits will be ready for you to view at your Session Premiere, which will take place approximately three weeks after your session.  A Sneak Peek will be posted on the website within five days of your session.

8.  Do I have to purchase a Collection or can I purchase prints and product separately; a la carte?

You will find greater savings in our Collections which are compromised of our most popular print sizes and products, however, the purchase of Collections is not a requirement.

9.  Do I have to make a purchase at the Session Premiere?

No, you certainly do not!  However, Collections, Digital Portraits and discounts are ONLY offered at this appointment.  Should you choose not to purchase at your Session Premiere, you can purchase online at our Retail Price.

10.  When is payment on orders due?

Payment on orders is due in full upon placing your order.   No orders are sent into production until paid in full.

11. When can I expect my order?

All orders are expected back to the studio within 4-6 weeks.  Your order is 100% guaranteed.  If you are not fully satisfied your order will be reproduced at no additional cost to you.

12.  How do I find out your pricing?

Please email Jill to find out our full pricing. You can click here for Session Fees.