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High School Senior | Conor | Jilly Bean Photography, Franklin, MA

Ok, I’m officially OBSESSED with this session!

First of all, Conor is a great guy.  He’s totally laid back, super easy to talk to, loves country music (he got me there!), President of his senior class, funny and wicked smaaaaart (wants to dual major in economics and finance). Oh, and he’s a lifeguard at our pool club so rest assured, he knows how to save a life!

We shot the outdoor portion at a killer location. I absolutely LOVE this location!  It’s uber unique and gives tons of variety.  I love that it has red brick walls, wooden interiors and a field with who knows what stuff in it  that gives it even more character.  Character makes a session.

Lastly, we had some amazing light to work with.  I am OBSESSED with light.  I look for it all the time and find myself “looking for the light” even when I’m not shooting.  I see the light reflecting in a person’s eyes even when we are having a casual conversation and I note it.  It’s the light that we phototogs refer to as “catch lights” in a person’s eyes and we simply can’t get enough of it.  It’s the light that comes in from behind a subject, pokes through building windows or goes across a field at just the right time.

Conor, thanks for sharing some laughs, {music}, conversation and a fun evening with me!  I can’t wait to see where this journey we call life takes you!  Enjoy the ride!




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Love the drama in these when converted to black and white.

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Do you see it?  Do you see the light that’s poking it’s way through the building in the next several images?  That’s what I look for.  That’s what I love and that’s what MAKES images look amazing!


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Do you see the catch lights in his eyes? If you closely you’ll see my reflection in his eyes.

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