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High School Senior Elizabeth

I’ll be honest.  Completely honest.

I haven’t always loved high school senior sessions.

My experience as a past elementary school teacher has given me the skills and confidence to work with young children and families.  The fact that I have 2 children means that I have lots of experience with newborns and toddlers.

The idea of interacting (naturally!) with the high school population was pretty daunting for me for years.  Last year I made it a goal of mine to break out of that lack of confidence I had with seniors and just be myself with them.  I’m quite positive they think I’m a total photo geek (I tend to get overly excited during my shoots!) but that’s ok.  Seniors don’t hold back their emotions with you.  There’s no sugar coating.  They either like it or they don’t.  I strive to make sure that each and every senior session is tailored to the individual that I’m working with.  And results… well, let’s just say they’ve turned out to be my biggest cheerleaders!

Meet Elizabeth.

A fresh, fine gal who’s a total sweet heart!


Jilly Bean

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