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Introducing Jack | Newborn Photography | Jilly Bean Photography, Franklin MA

Introducing Jack, a sweet little boy born into his wonderful family on June 30!

Jack came down to Franklin to see me when he was 8 days old.  Though Jack had his own ideas about his debut photo session and really wanted to stay awake and wiggle out of every single swaddle (even those super tight, burrito ones!), we eventually wooed him to sleep and got some amazing shots!

Jack loves to be swaddled, and once settled wasn’t about to let us take that wrap off, so we followed his lead, and of course by the end of the session he was out to the world!

I love that mom and dad brought along some meaningful blankets and quilts that were made by family members, both here in the States and from his dad’s home country of Ireland.

You’ve been born into an amazing family, Jack!  I can’t wait to watch you grow!


Jilly Bean

See amazing Jack’s Birth Announcement here.

Jack’s Video Slideshow with all of his images can be seen here.


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I love to play with black and white and cropping when it’s called for.  These next two images are the exact same, but look totally different by using a few creative touches.

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This quilt was made by a family member in Ireland.

I could have just tucked it away in my closet and kept it forever! It’s too gorgeous a family heirloom… I had to give it back ;o)

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The sack that Jack is in was made with love by yet another family member <3

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And this blanket was knitted by another grandmother.  Beautiful, vibrant colors!

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 And Dad’s a HUGE LFC fan!  What trustworthy Irish guy isn’t?!

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