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Perfectly Imperfect

I don’t typically begin my blog posts with other photographer’s photos (this one courtesy Melissa & Beth www.MelissaandBeth.com), however, it couldn’t be more appropriate for this session.  It was a beautiful fall morning, I had been slammed with photo shoots and after checking my calendar for the fourth time that day with nothing on the calendar, I decided to sit at my computer, turn on some music and do some  leg work… editing!  I had just sat down with a nicely brewed cuppa and began my edits when my phone rang.

Me: “Hello?”

Emma: “Hi.  Is this Jill?”

Me: “Yes, speaking.”

Emma: “Hi.  It’s Emma.  We have a shoot.”

Me: Perplexed, confused and scanning my calendar as my heart palpitated not fully grasping what she was politely trying to tell me and not finding her shoot scheduled anywhere on my calendar at all I say, “Ummmmm, yes, we do.  When?”

Emma:  “Now.  At 9:00.”

Me:  Looking at the time… 9:03!… A few obscenities were said in my head and then, “Oh my gosh, Emma!  I’m so sorry!!!  I’m coming NOW!”.

Thankfully my car was fully loaded with props, my batteries were charged and my camera bag ready.  I sped across two towns and pulled into the sweetest family’s driveway 25 minutes later.  Saying I was embarrassed is an understatement.    I have NEVER EVER missed a photo shoot.  EVER.  I knew I had to pull it together and knock this session out of the park!  I stood up straight, said, “Let’s do this!” and two of the most gorgeous little boys you’ve ever laid your eyes on emerged in their little outfits.  Ready to ROLL!  A half an hour later than planned, but still, ready to ROLL!  Don’t worry!  That was a first and a LAST!  I’ve now got not one, not two, but three work calendars floating around determined to NEVER let that happen again.

There really is a first for everything. Life isn’t perfect.  I’m not perfect.  There are bumps in the road. Being able to roll with the punches is part of life.

Thankfully, Emma was the most understanding client ever.

And it was my absolute pleasure to capture this part of these two precious boys’ lives on this beautiful (and quite perfect) fall morning.


Jilly Bean

(aka your perfectly imperfect photographer!)


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