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Survivor Makenzie | Sneak Peek {Jilly Bean Photography} Franklin, MA

Meet one of the sweetest little things your eyes have ever rested upon….. Baby Makenzie!!!

Born with a very rare form of childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma, Makenzie is now in remission and is better than one could imagine at only 7 months of age.

After having fought the fight of her life, she’s recovering from months of chemo and is one HAPPY and HEALTHY baby who’s

developing right on track…. as if those invasive tumors that once took over her abdomen were never even there.

Makenzie, I cannot wait to watch you grow and I hope to continue to share in your journey to recovery!

You are stronger than you’ll ever know, and my hope is that one day this ugly disease will be a thing that you only know of in the medical books.

Be sure to come back soon to see all of Makenzie’s images!


Jilly Bean


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Turns out that Makenzie inherited some incredible genes.

Here she is with her mom….. who is cool as a cucumber, calm as a clam,

and a hero herself for getting Makenzie the best care an infant could hope for (and a whole lot of love!).

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  • Desiree - Beautiful shots of a beautiful little girl and momma! Praying for this family!

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